Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pin This!

I got a Pinterest account a couple of days ago and it is has been a fun distraction to some of the stresses of life and I have learned some things too.  T night as I was pining things and looking at pins I thought of something that we talked about in one of the classes that I took for my masters.  Students now are becoming visual learners because of all of the media that we are subjected to everyday.  I then thought...How are we compensating for this in our classrooms?  How much media should we have in our classrooms?  How do we use the media to help prepare our students for high stakes testing?  There are some things to think about for the new year.....maybe I will find a photo that will answer my questions on Pinterest.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Diigo Group


As some of you may know that in January I will become an adjunct faculty member at Central Methodist University.  I will be teaching Instructional Technology for the Masters of Education program.  This is an online class for all three campuses that have the Masters of Education program.  As part of my prep for this I have created a group on Diigo called CMU ED 514 Instructional Technology. I plan on using this as a place to post information that might be useful to the students in my class.  As I was thinking about the information I was sharing it would be helpful to any educator. Please feel free to join!  The more input my students can get from other teachers the better off they will be.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

History on Twitter

I am trying to find a image of Etienne de Bourgmont for one of our 4th grade teachers.  As of now I am empty handed. My next thought was how will I find someone to help me? I decided Twitter was a good place to turn for help.  I can not Tweet at school so I decided to do some recon on hash tags to use and Twitter users that might be able to help me out.  Well I found a wonderful blog post on the History Tech blog.  The blog post Tip of the Week - 65 History Twitter Feeds gives you lots of places to get new information, or sometimes just a needed reminder, about teaching history. You can also check out or post questions to the hash tags #history or #historyteacher.  Some time tonight I will post my Tweet and I will let you know what I find!  Remember you can follow me on Twitter @musictech02

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Holidays

With many teachers looking for new ways to talk about the winter holidays in their classrooms I thought about some resources from Scholastic that I enjoy.  These are not "new" but they are fun to use and are good conversation starters. The links below take you to interactive scrapbook pages that work well on interactive white boards or on computers for students to explore. 


I'll Be Back

I just saw that the last time I made a post was September 9th.  I have had so many balls in the air and I guess the blog ball was the one I let drop.

Now that I have completed my Masters of Education and some of my other obligations are not as time consuming it is time to get back to the blog!!  With the holiday season at our doorstep I may be touch and go on post but they will be there!   I feels good to be back.