Thursday, March 24, 2011


When I first started this blog about a month ago I was not to sure about it. Truth is I love it now! I have been able to save time and get more information out to the people that I support.  There are lost of applications out there for free blog providers but I have been very happy with Google Blogger.  If you have a webpage  for your classroom think about adding a blog as a way to get information to the families of your students too.  It is much simpler to send out an extra quick reminder on your blog then on the web page. If you add a subscription provider, like Feed Burner, you followers can have your blog delivered to their email. Blogs are also nice for parents like me that tend to loose the notes home.  If the information was posted on the blog I could check the blog history and still have the information. Check out this quick, and very well made, video from Google about Blogger. Also check out the What's New With Blogger post from Blogger Buzz

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