Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ustream - Live wild animals in your room!

A good friend of mine had links to some cool live feeds of animals on her Face Book pages last night.  They where form Ustream.  There was a live feed of an eagles nest and another of a nesting box with several (6 I think) owl chicks.  I think this would be so much fun to incorporate into a science lesson or for an enrichment project with the kids. I would pick a time of day that you log on and watch the birds for 5 min and then you can keep a journal about what they do.  You could use the journal for a story prompt later.  It would also be fun to see if they are doing the same thing at the same time every day. I do not know a lot about Ustream but I will be finding out more to pass on. Do be aware that there is a chat feature on the owls and you can see what others are saying. I am not sure if you can had that or not. As with any live feed you never know what you are going to see.  I did not see much last night.  The chat on the owls said that they had a live cricket for dinner the night before!

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