Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free iPad Apps

EMGames Screenshots

This is all over the tech blogs and I did put them on that 20 iPads we have at school.

There are several iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch apps from Everyday Mathematics a part of McGraw-Hill.  The lists that I have seen way that there are 10 apps that are available but I could only find 9 of them.   They are FREE from April 13-16 during the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference. After April 13 they will go back to being $1.99 each.  Once at the apps store I just looked up Everyday Mathematics and the 9 apps I could find came right up!

- Addition Top-it
- Subtraction Top-it
- Beat the Computer
- Name that Number
- Equivalent Fractions
- Tric-Trac
- Monster Squeeze
- Baseball Multiplication 1-6 Facts
- Baseball Multiplication 1-12 Facts (I could not find this one)
- Divisibility Dash

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