Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twitter Hashtags

Here is a list hashtags (#) that you might like to follow on Twitter.

#molib - Missouri Librarians
#edcaht - They chat every Tuesday at 7pm
#Edubk - Find/Suggest books about education
#MusEdChat - Music Ed Chat
#MOedtech - Missouri Teachers
#elemchat - Elementary Teachers
#TT, #tt, #Teachertuesday - on Tuesdays this hashtag is used to post the          teachers you think people should follow on Twitter
#FF,#ff,#Followfriday - on Fridays this hashtag is use to post great Tweeters (may not be about education)

There are also lists that people create on Twitter that you can read to find teachers to follow.


Here are some good webpages to find teaches to follow on Twitter.

If you have others that you like to follow please add them in the comments!

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