Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Impact of Weather

 If you have watched the news at all in the last several days you know that the Mid-West has had a lot to deal with including thunderstorms, 9 in or more of rain, tornado, and major flooding.  All of this is hard to think about some times. The Missouri Department Of Transportation (like many other stats) has an interactive map that shows the roads closed due to flooding (or snow in the winter). When I looked at the MO map today I was shocked to see how much of the southern part of the state is under water. The MO.gov web page has several maps showing the river levels and the river level forecast. There is also a slide show of some of the MO flooding. All of these sights help show what is going on and are a good tool to help students see how weather affects are day to day life other then having indoor recess.

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