Wednesday, April 13, 2011

U got 2 move it

Today is a Stretch and Flex Wednesday at our school. We get our students up and moving and talk about an active life style.  In the lab I normally do not do much with the kids for Stretch and Flex Wednesday because I only see them one time a week for 30 min and we need every second we can on the computers.  Today is the last day of MAP testing and I have a crazy schedule so we are going to get up and MOVE! I found a clip on YouTube that I am going to put on the SMART Board.  It is a 6 min clip and the first 3 min are more for the teacher and it has some good info.  Check out the clip and think about how you can get some movement into  your day.  You and your kids will feel better!

12 Classroom Workouts for Kids with Nikki Crouse

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