Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rethinking the 21st Century Classroom

With technology becoming a larger part of classrooms, and the push for project based learning, the classrooms are starting to change. There are several schools that are changing the way that things are done and the way that things look. Below there are two links that talk about what different schools are doing to move into the 21st Century Classroom.  I am not saying that these are the right choices for every school or classroom but they get you thinking about what the options could be. There may be parts of the ideas that work in your classroom.  Keep an open mind and think of what could work for you.

Sydney Center For Innovation in Learning - Blog by Stephen Harris the Founder and Director.  This blog has wonderful photos of the school/classrooms they are using. 

iSchool Initiative, A Highs Schools students vision on school change using mobile devices - This is a repost from the Technology Bits, Bites, and Nibbles Blog. Has good information and a video.  

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