Tuesday, April 5, 2011


When I first started using Twitter the normal Twitter page was just fine.  As I started wanting to follow hashtags (#)  there is just not a good way to do that on Twitter.  Hashtags are not supported by Twitter. Twitter users started using the Hashtags as a way to keep track of things.  If I wanted to talk about something and wanted people to be able to follow the conversation I can start a hashtag .  Lets say I wanted to help connect all the educational iPad users in Missouri I could start a #ediPadmo hashtag.  This would let anyone that wanted to follow all the post that had that hashtag in it. TweetDeck lets you keep track of you normal Twitter Timeline and follow hashtags!  I feel I get much more from Twitter using TweetDeck because I can connect with more educators and get more ideas.  Give it a try!

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